Pictures from here and there.

My grandfather was an enthusiastic amateur photographer. Through him, the fascination for photography was triggered in me.

I ventured into photography at the age of 12 in the photo club at high school. My first pictures showed the ducks on our nearby pond in my hometown. Photographed with a 35mm camera, the pictures were developed in black and white in the school’s own photo lab.

This magical moment when an image “develops” on this piece of paper in the developer bath was a fascinating experience every time.

Even in this day and age, when photos are digitally developed, I’m always excited to see the result of my photo tours on the monitor at home.

Since then, photography no longer lets me go. For many years I pursued photography as an ambitious amateur, until this year I have made my heart hobby to a profession.

My much too early deceased grandfather has left me a real treasure. About 2,800 pictures and slides from his time – from the 50s to the 70s of the 20th century – I have digitized and make them available here on my site in excerpts.

Have fun on my page with my photos.

Equipment & Tools I use: Nikon D750, Tamron lenses, Manfrotto tripod, Rollei tripod, DxO PhotoLab, Excire Foto, NIK Collection, Affinity Photo


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